Winter 2018, Beatless.


For some reason this one has caught my eye. We will try and do this one this Winter 2018 season. IF  a certain site will do the transcripts of it.

UPDATE: Amazon Prime has got it and since they did a great job with Iron Fortress we’ll try and do this one as well.

UPDATE 2: Turns out the transciptor site still isn’t doing this series after all which has put our plans into jeopardy for this series. However I’m trying to get into contact with another subber who put out subs (rather underdeveloped ones) out. I’m sure if we can pull our resources together we can bring this proper looking subs! Please stand by for more news.

UPDATE 3: Amazon just delayed the release is all. the transciptor has put out the transcripts for episode 1. will begin work on it today.


Fall plans, Zilch.

Once again a very lack luster season (and a new job) have made me drop any plans on doing an anime this season. Sorry to disappoint everyone, again. Let all hope and pray that the winter season will see a vast improvement.


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon OVA – with a slight catch

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - 14 OVA screenshot
Um Kanna you got a little something there…

I know this took much longer than expected but I ran into several problems with this OVA. 1st off was waiting for a decent 1080p raw, which took forever to be posted. 2nd was aegisub. I recently updated my aegisub to the latest version but sadly I’ve discovered a glitch the prevented me from doing a decent job on this. The problem lies with the “move” command. Basically this command makes the subtitles move from point A to Point B. this is helpful to follow signs that move across a screen as the camera moves. Unfortunatly the command it glitched somehow which prevented me from making minor adjustments to have the subtitles move properly and in sync with the camera. thuis is most notable at minute 10:57. what would happen is when I’d go to make a minor adjustment the move command would stop altogether and I would have to remake the command from scratch. Needless to say this was very time consuming and frustrating. I did the best I could.

Enjoy the OVA everyone!

Torrents: (720p) (1080p)
acgnx (720p) (1080p)


Knights of Sidonia S2 – Battle for Planet Nine – 12


It was a long time coming but FINALLY a full 1080p version of episode 12 Japanese dub of the BD of Knights of Sidonia season 2 is here. 2 in fact. MKV and MP4. So people can finally finish their BD episode extended edition collection for season 2.  It’s odd that this hadn’t been made before. There were only 720s raws out there.  (There was a 1080p English dub version out there, but let’s no speak of that travesty).

Please note however that the video comes from the English BD rip, so the subs for the songs, sign TLs, and credits are all in English and hard subbed into the video. So there was no way for me to change their appearance in any sort of way. The audio is also in AAC only as that the only version I could find. And please be sure to thank the anon who created subs for the final episode a while back. Without them I would never have been able to finish this. Though I did have to fix a few grammatical errors.  Enjoy!

Torrents: (MKV) (MP4) (MKV) (MP4)

P.S. as for our summer season we’ve decided to skip it. There’s no anime that has caught my eye this season. See you for fall then.

Summer 2017 outlook doubtful

I’ve been looking over the list of anime for summer 2017 for a past few days trying to narrow down any good anime worth subbing, and the only series that’s worth it is Symphogear AXZ. But that anime is already going to be subbed to death by several other groups. I had also considered “Knights & Magic” and “Gamers” but after reading up on them their plots aren’t what I was expecting. So as of right now we’ve got nothing planned for summer. I might change my mind after the first week if an anime catches my eye, but I wouldn’t bet anything on that.