Beatless Episode 6

Beatless Episdoe 6 screenshot
This girl thinks of nothing but food! Even when she’s trying to make an example.

PLEASE NOTE: This is Episode 6 of this week, not not the recap Episode 5.5 from last week.

Enjoy Episode 6 everyone.

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Beatless Episode 05

Beatless Episode 05 screenshot
No redheaded Imouto this time, but enjoy the reverse birthing loli robot instead!

Enjoy Episode 5 everyone!

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UPDATE: The MP4 torrent was the wrong episode. I have gone back and fixed it. I do apologize for the mix up.

UPDATE 2: For some reason every time I try and create a new torrent for episode 5 MP4 it keeps making it for episode 4. I don’t know why it keeps doing this so I’ve dropped the MP4 for episode 5 completely until batch time. Again I am sorry for this but i can’t get it to work.

Beatless Episode 03

Beatless Episode 03 screenshot
No Lazy Imouto this time. But enjoy her big hungry smile!

I think Amazon is messing with us in this episode: or are just deaf. They mistranslated an important name of an H.I.E. series so badly it had me wondering who the hell they had previewing this series. Anyway I fixed it so enjoy episode 3 everyone!

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Beatless Episode 02

Beatless 02 screenshot
We all are lazy at some point.

As stated in the previous post, the Lyrics for the OP took a while to be released. I also adjusted the Dialogue font a bit. Made it slightly smaller and gave it a subtle shadow effect to make it a little easier on the eyes to read.  Enjoy Episode 2 everyone!

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And please give thanks to Lyrical Nonsense for doing the TLs and lyrics for the OP as well! Please visit their site if you wish to learn lyrics to other anime OPs and EDs.

Beatless update

The English TLs for the Beatless OP are taking a long time apparently. I’ve been waiting for 3 days now and still nothing. Plus there is a part of the OP song that didn’t get lyriced even in kanji or romaji that I have asked my TLer friend to see if he can make out.  I have yet hear from him too. so Episode 2 may be delayed a bit.

On another note I just found out last night that Beatless will be a 24 episode series. Whether this will be a continuous 24 episodes or if it’ll be split into a 2 cour season series (2 seasons but separated by a season in between) has yet to be shown. either way we’ll be in for the long haul for this series. So far this series hasn’t been too heavy on sign TLs and motion tracking. So if it keeps up this pace then I won’t get burned out by this series.