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Beatless Episode 18

Beatless Episode 18 screenshot
Farewell again

You know the drill.


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Beatless Episode 17

Beatless - 17 screenshot
Imouto is angry because she hasn’t been the main picture for a while.

As stated in the previous posting we’ve changed up our subtitling format. As this series has gotten worse our giving a damn about it has fallen as well. We will complete the series, but the quality of it will drop so we don’t have to spend so much time on it.

Note that the MP4 is suffering the same error that episode 16 mp4 had, but at this point i just don’t care anymore.

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Beatless subtitling format changed

Given how sick I have become of this series I’ve decided to implement a few changes to the format we do for subtitling Beatless in order to spend less time on each episode of the remainder of the series. I’m not dropping it because I always try to finish what I start. But this will mean a drop in quality just to get this over with.

1. No more minor timing error fixes. Whoever does the Transcripts for this has a VERY bad habit of leaving a small gap of time between lines when someone is speaking. This leads to the first line going off too soon and causing the subs to blink going from one line to the next. This takes HOURS to go through and fix the dozens of lines this effects. But since I’m given less of a damn for this show I will not be fixing these anymore unless is glaringly bad.

2. Translation error fixes will not be a priority anymore unless the error is glaring obvious (Mr, Mrs. instead of -chan, -kun, -san, -sama, Onii-chan, Onii-san, etc…).

3. Fixing Lacia’s speech pattern. The Transcripters have been doing this wrong since episode one. Though Lacia is speaking in a formal pattern, the TSers are making her sound far too robotic with no hyphenated words. “You could not have done that with me.” Instead of “You Couldn’t have done that without me.” They’re essentially making her speech pattern far more complicated than it really is. I will not be correcting this anymore except in a few instances.

4. Sign translations. While we will continue doing them (the few that there are in this series anyway) we will no longer be motion tracking them. Motion tracking is one of the most time consuming features to implement in any series as you have to make sure the subs move in the right direct, at the right speeds, and are the right size. So from this episode on any signs TLs that need motion will receive none. This will NOT be fixed for the batches either.

5. And speaking of the batches, with the exception of a few episodes, we will not be doing much in the way of fixing errors and such upon the release of the batches.


Beatless Episode 16

Beatless - 16 screenshot
I’s QUALITY moments like these that make me want to drop this crappy series.

Yeah you read that right. This episode had some pretty bad QUALITY and outrageously silly moments that almost made me drop it. The only reason why I haven’t dropped it is because we’ve already done so many episode we might as well finish it. Also different OP song animation sequence today.

Also unfortunately due to unforeseen problems i can not make the MP4 version. For some reason my encoding program wnats to cut off the first 5 seconds of the video and it driving me nuts on how to fix it. I will endeavur to have this fixed by batch time.

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Beatless Episode 14

Beatless Episode 14 screenshot

Sad episode today as we say goodbye to one of the robot girls. You will also notice in this episode there are a lot of signs that were not TLed nor motion tracked. This is because they were either too big and filled up the screen or were going by so fast that it wouldn’t be relevant to do so. If I had tried I would be here all week and it would take away from the scene itself. They will not be motion tracked or TLed for the batches either.

Also this episode introduced the new OP and ED songs. This is why it’s taken an extra day to get the episode out. And PLEASE thank Lyrical Nonsense for once again TLing said songs! Please pay their site a visit and thank them for their hard work!

Enjoy Episode 14 everyone. Next week is another recap episode so we will not be doing it. See you in 2 weeks for episode 15!

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