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Asuka Subs to shut down soon…. hopefully temporarily.

After 7 years it’s come to this.

For 7 years were here at Asuka Subs have brought you subs for some of your favorite anime. Starting out with Evangelion and here we are ending with Beatless. I won’t go into great detail but sadly my family has run into some financial trouble. As such I am having to get a 2nd part time job to help offset the money trouble. Having one job was hard enough to find time to do fansubing, but now that I’m having to get a second job I will literally have no spare time to work on any more fansubs. I pray this will only be a temporary shut down and that one day we may return to bring you all greats fansubs of your favorite anime. I WILL CONTINUE TO SEED ALL OF OUR AVAILABLE WORKS. So our group will still live on in the seeds. But until my family’s money troubles are solved I will bid every adieu!

And hey the average lifespan for a sub group is 4 years. So we made it past that mark at least. One day we will return. Mark my words!



Beatless Batches


Took a bit longer because it’s a 24 episode series. but i finally managed to get them done. This series turned out to be a dud and had parts that were painfully badly animated and the story was all over the place and left several unresolved potholes. Still I did it for those people who actually really did enjoy it. Here are the Beatless batches in both MKV and MP4 formats! Enjoy.

( MKV) (Acgnx MKV)
( MP4) (Acgnx MP4)

PS. All the MP4 episodes will have a small glitch at the begining for a couple of seconds. I tried several encoding programs and raws but got the same result every time. We’re just going to have to deal with it I suppose. It does not effect subs, audio, or timing.

Beatless Batches coming soon

It’s taking a while to go though these episodes, even more time becasue it’s a 24 episode series. But thankfully I’m in the home stretch with the last few episodes. If all goes well I should have the batches out either Sunday evening or early Monday Afternoon. Also after the release stay tuned for an Important announcement regarding the future of our sub group.


Beatless Single episode torrents

I have stopped seeding the individual episodes in preparation for the last 4 episodes (Starting this month) and batches coming December (or a couple of weeks after the final episode airs). If you need me to seed a particular episode then please just tell here and and I will.

UPDATE: On the same day I post this the air dates for the final 4 episodes are released. Episodes 21-24 will be released on September 26, 27, and 28. So instead of releasing them individually I will do them and release them with the batches a couple of weeks after they are premiered.

Beatless Episode 20 “Final”

Beatless Episdoe 20 screenshot
Kouka had babies before she died!

That right folks, this lackluster episode is the “final” episode of the series. The conclusion episodes (the last 4) will be shown starting in September. As such the batches will not come out until the final 4 episodes are shown. All I can say is that this is by far the worst series in terms of QUALITY we’ve ever done and I’m not saddened to see it stop for three months. We will do the final 4 episodes when they’re shown but I’m looking forward to having my weekends free again, even if it just for three months. Let’s just hope the three month break allows Diomedea to put some good animation quality into this series so at least try and save face. Anyway enjoy the “Final” episode.

MKV: ( (Acgnx)
MP4: ( (Acgnx)

Beatless Episode 19

Beatless episode 19 screenshot
Imouto is upset at the amount of work that had to be done.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse with this series, this episode happens along to give me the most sign TLing work I’ve had to do yet. More than all the other episodes combined. Thankfully my TLing friend had a bit of time on his hands to give me some quick TLs done. thanks again IAE.


MKV: ( (Acgnx)
MP4: ( (Acgnx)

Update: fixed the MKV and replaced the links. I don;t know what happened with it but i remember adding the subs to it. must have been an upload error or something.