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Beatless episode 13 delayed till next week

Bealtess episode 13 has been put off till next week. Today what aired on Japanese TV was a talk-show review of the series up to this point and interviews with the voice actors. I guess we’ll see you next week for the next episode.


Beatless Episode 10

Beatless Episode 10 screenshot
Exactly how I feel given the work load for this episode!

When watching this episode you will see the lack of motion tracking for several signs. This is because I plainly did not have the time to do them for 2 reasons. 1. My Job keeps me from spending too much time working on these episodes and 2 it’s Easter Weekend and I have some major Family plans lined up. I will do some motion tracking for the batch version when I actually have the time to do them.

Anyway Enjoy Episode 10 everyone!

MKV: ( (acgnx)
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