Beatless Episode 20 “Final”

Beatless Episdoe 20 screenshot
Kouka had babies before she died!

That right folks, this lackluster episode is the “final” episode of the series. The conclusion episodes (the last 4) will be shown starting in September. As such the batches will not come out until the final 4 episodes are shown. All I can say is that this is by far the worst series in terms of QUALITY we’ve ever done and I’m not saddened to see it stop for three months. We will do the final 4 episodes when they’re shown but I’m looking forward to having my weekends free again, even if it just for three months. Let’s just hope the three month break allows Diomedea to put some good animation quality into this series so at least try and save face. Anyway enjoy the “Final” episode.

MKV: ( (Acgnx)
MP4: ( (Acgnx)


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