Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Batches!


I know it took a little longer to get these batches out but several of the subs in the first 7 episodes needed a full overhaul, which took time. Especially for episode 4 (which I nearly spent 2 full days on). There was also the fact that in my spare time I had to also study a drivers’ handbook to take my written driver’s test with (which I got done yesterday the 20th). Anyway it has been a lot of fun to bring this beloved Kyoto animation series to everyone and I am so happy it made a lot of people happy to have another sub group doing this show besides Crappy Crunchy’s subs. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the batches and we all look forward to the Valentine’s day OVA in September!

Torrents: can be found here: Completed projects page

It has come to my attention that I fucked up the MKV batch. I will make a new one soon

New MKV batch uploaded. Again I apologize for the screw up.


8 thoughts on “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Batches!

  1. ankular

    Hey-hey! Looking forward to re-watching these yet again. I’ll definitely seed the 480p batch for awhile.

    Out of curiosity, what’s with EP02 and EP07 in the 720p batch? Seems rather odd they’re at 480p.


  2. Sparky Kestrel

    I know you’ve said you’ve had bad experience with patches, but is there somewhere you can put the ass files up seperaately so I can download just them and rfemux the files myself?
    Internet speed is really crappy where I live and would prefer if I didn’t have to download the whole thing over again for what amounts to spelling mistakes
    Please, I would appreciate if you could do this.


  3. nen

    Hey maddog I don’t know if you even check this blog in between seasons but with the total death of Nyaa on may day (shut down forever by owner, database wiped) can we get a re-up of the batch to another tracker or a magnet link at least. I was able to pull a magnet link to the batch out of one of the nyaa archives for my own viewing pleasure but long-term you’re probably gonna want to redo all the batch links on the blog.



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