Spring 2017 plans

Nothing. I debated long about this and decided to skip the Spring season. I really only did Maid Dragon to keep by skills from getting rusty. I had considered doing the spin-off of Danmachi, but it stars Ais, a character I’m not particularly fond of.

As for Maid Dragon, the Final episode comes out this Wednesday, and once I get the episode out I will spend the next week to two weeks preparing the batch releases. So I’ll probably see you all for the Summer season after the batch releases.


UPDATE: I’ll be getting a late start on the final episode of Maid Dragon tomorrow. I have to go move a couple of pieces of furniture for my sister.

UPDATE 2: weather’s not being cooperative and I’m sick with a cold, so we’re not going to go move the furniture today. So I’ll be working on subbing the entire day.


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