Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 12

Maid Dragon Episode 12 screenshot
Just like with Kanna here, It’s time for a well earned rest.

This episode was a lot easier to do than last week’s that’s for sure. Enjoy Episode 12 everyone! FINAL EPISODE NEXT WEEK!

Torrents: (MKV) (MP4)


10 thoughts on “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 12

  1. ankular

    Will you be doing a batch of these? This has been my favorite anime of the season. I’ve watched every episode at least 3 times. Immediately when it comes out on HS, then again when you put it out.

    If you’re not doing batches, I’ll be happy to do an “unofficial” batch of the 480p release. Even though I don’t personally usually need nor watch SD resolution, I like to keep them available for others.


    1. maddog100 Post author

      Yes I will be doing batches. It may take a week or two for me to release them, but that’s only because I go through each episode and correct any spelling, grammar, effects, or timing issues.


  2. NoaCC

    Question on doing the batch, are you going to use your current stock footage, or wait until the blue rays come out?
    Also, in this episode, something that… I dunno… GOT me, and it’s one of those little stupid things, is when Lucia is wearing the mask, and she’s going ‘gyarrr! gyarrr!’, which you put in as ‘roar’. Would it have worked if you had put in, Gyar! *demon roar*



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