Possible delay for Maid Dragon Episode 11

As with what happened with Episode 4, I have to work a couple of extra days this week. Depending on how much work has to go into the episode, it may take a few extra days to get it out. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about it.


3/22 UPDATE: I AM SO FUCKED THIS TIME! Right off the bat even before the OP song plays I have to do at least a dozen or so sign TLs and motion tracking. And it doesn’t end after that either. Episode 11 is going to take just as much, if not more, work than episode 4 did. Expect a Tuesday release with this one. Why oh WHY does my extra work day weeks always cross over with the episodes that require the most work!?

3/24 UPDATE: I’m royally fucked now. I also have to work this Sunday which will put episode 11 even FURTHER behind. It’ll probably be very late Monday or a Tuesday release. And that’s not the worst of it. I also have to work Next Wednesday which means I’ll be getting a late start to Episode 12 as well. Fuck real life.

3/26 UPDATE: I tried hard to get this episode out today either before or after I got back from work. Sadly I couldn’t get everything done. I still have a few things left and some editing to do. I’ll do my best to get it out by later today (Sunday) before I have to go to work. If all goes well I’ll have it out by this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Possible delay for Maid Dragon Episode 11

  1. NoaCC

    NO one else is doing the sign tracking as well as you are.
    Imma wait.

    “good girl here” still cracks me up every time I see it.



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