Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 8

Kana needs to let her hair down more often!

This will be the very last anime episode that I will be putting out using my old 8 year old laptop! Over this weekend (March 4th and 5th) I will be building my band new gaming/editing PC to replace my laptop. My laptop has worked very hard over these last few years in my fansubbing time, but due to it’s age it just can’t keep up anymore. My new PC should help keep us going for many years to come (unless they start making anime in 4k, then that’ll be a problem). I will continue seeding using my laptop on Saturday, but there will be none on Sunday and possibly Monday since I will be working on transferring my data from my various devices onto my new PC, which will include all our anime works. So if you DL something of ours on those two days and don’t see any seeding, please be patient. I should be able to continue seeding either Monday evening, or early Tuesday afternoon. Anyway Enjoy Episode 8!

Torrents: (MKV) (MP4)


3 thoughts on “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 8

  1. NoaCC

    If you’re making a new machine with at least 8 gigs of mem, i5 processer and even just 150buck vid card, it should be able to handle even 4k video editing. It’d be faster with higher end versions of all those things, but… it can handle it. an I5 nowadays is like an i7 from 2-3 years or more ago. Just make sure you have plenty of hard drive space for editing. Also, do NOT save important stuff onto an SSd drive.


    1. maddog100 Post author

      I know all that already. The problem is I have no 4k devices like a 4k monitor or tv to work on. And it won’t be for a few years when they come down in price enough for me to get one. Until then it’ll have to be 1080p.


  2. NoaCC

    Watching dragon maid is like eating ice cream. It’s wonderful and sweet while you’re watching, but then it’s all gone, and you want more.



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