New Computer coming soon, and Maid Dragon Episode 6 update.

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now but I want to clarify this announcement. Sometime in March (hopefully the end of the first week of the month) I will be building my own brand new PC gaming/editing rig. The sheer computing power and speed of it will dwarf anything and everything my old 8 year old laptop has to offer. Hopefully this will mean faster editing power and a greater chance of me getting episodes out faster as well. It won’t be overclocked (as I’m not comfortable with doing that yet given this is my very first build), but it’ll still be far better than what I have right now. My old laptop has served with me since 2012 (it was my mother’s for a couple of years before it came to me), and has been the main editing computer for all of our works since that time. However being that it is 8 years old it’s showing its age and has now become more of a hindrance than a helpful tool. Back in 2012 when I got it. Mp4 and AVI still pretty much ruled the video types. But since then 1080 BD MKVs have become the norm and my good old laptop just can’t compete anymore. It can barely manage 720 MKVs as it is. I’ve done everything I can over the years to keep my laptop is as best condition as I can with updated anti-virus software, tune-up software, regularly defragging its HD, clearing out old useless programs I never use, and dusting it as regularly as I can. However I pretty much reached it’s limits with this back in 2014 and it’s just been getting further and further behind ever since.

So I’ll be building a new PC to replace it soon, as you already know. I have been saving my money up to build one since May of 2016 and buying parts as I go along. It’ll be a white a blue build (with a couple of red accents) and it’ll be named “Hestia” after my wiafu. It’ll have a dedicated RX 480 graphics card an an i5-6600 CPU which is about 16 times faster than the 9 year old AMD Athlon processor in my laptop now. And the best thing is now I can watch my anime in full 1080p HD now, and editing 720p video for our subs will be a snap. And given that I’ll have my editing programs installed on an SSD will just make thhing much faster as well!

The down side is it’ll probably take a couple of days to get all my programs and files and such transferred and installed over from my laptop and external HD to my new PC, so if I’m in the middle of an episode it’ll probably be delayed a few days as a result. But as an advatage I’ll now be able to make 720p MP4s in mere minutes rather than it taking 3 hours to make one AND and I edit much much faster. Maid dragon will be the last series I make 480p MP4s for (it already takes me a long time to make those on my laptop).

Speaking of Maid Dragon Episode 6 is not as bad as the previous two episodes for signs and motion tracking, so if all goes well I might be able to have it out either late tomorrow or Friday or Saturday before I have to go to work on either of those days.

If any of you want to see the build I’m making then check out my pcpartpicker page: PCPARTPICKER PAGE


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