Maid Dragon Episode 4 release delayed

Ung… This episode has so much more signs and motion tracking to do. Way more than the previous 3 episodes combined. This is going to take quite some time to get through. If I don’t have it out by tomorrow then the earliest I can get it out would be Sunday evening. I don’t want to do a rush job because I want to make as few mistakes as I possibly can. Sorry for this.


UPDATE 1: Yeah I’m not going to get the episode out by tonight (Thursday). I worked all day on this episode and it’s just been one big pain in the ass to do. I estimate I’m only halfway through with it by this point. Unfortunately I can only work on it for a couple of hours tomorrow (Friday) and none at all on Saturday because I have work. And at the rate this is going I probably won’t have it out by Sunday evening either, even though I’ll have all that day to work on it. I estimate Monday is when I can get it out.

UPDATE 2: Guess who’s been chosen to work Superbowl evening? That right I have. There goes another day to work on episode 4. Now I remember why I put my fansubbing group on hiatus. It’s because my job schedule is unpredictable and keeps throwing my subbing schedule off. At the rate I’m going I may not get this episode out until Tuesday or even Wednesday and then it’s straight into episode 5. I just pray that Episode 5 isn’t like this one.

UPDATE 3: I’m going to try my best to have episode 4 out by late this evening (Tuesday). I still have a few more things to motion track and then I need to edit the dialogue a a bit. I can guarantee a few places will look a little rough and rushed, but that’s just the nature of the beast. I promise those places I will do my best to straighten up come batch time.


4 thoughts on “Maid Dragon Episode 4 release delayed

  1. Nicole Bacon

    A delayed sub is only delayed for a while. A bad sub is bad forever.
    Take your time. You’re doing great, keep it up!



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