Winter 2017 Plans

Mulling it over.

Winter 2017 season is fast approaching and I’m really thinking about putting out another series. I’ve been out of practice for 2 whole seasons, but the problem is my job still gets in my way. I’ll still have to see how my scheduling at work will work out if I want to sub again. You may have to deal with week behind releases like We did with Kabaneri. I have 3 possible series I would like to do. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, ēlDLIVE, and Akiba’s Trip The Animation. All three of which will take some serious work. This will all depend on whether a certain site will be doing the transcripts of any of these shows.

There’s also the fact that I have been saving up my money for months now to build myself my own gaming/editing rig to replace my aging laptop that I’ve been using since our second year. It has worked very hard and well over the past 5 years, but it’s a 7 year old laptop that is running on it’s last legs and I just plan need something better, faster, and stronger to take over. I should have it built sometime in March 2017. So if I DO do a series this season, 2/3s of it will have to be done on my laptop. This season will also be the last I put out 848×480 MP4s because that’s as high as my Laptop can make an MP4 and still encoded it with any decent speed (it take nearly 4 hours to encode an 848×480 MP4, and over 7 for a 720 MP4). When I have my new computer built and start another series, I’ll bump the MP4 to 1280×720.


Update 1: I’ve ruled out Akiba’s Trip the Animation. I’m watching the first episode now and in under 2 minutes there’s already over a dozen signs that needs to be fonted and motion tracked. With my job I don’t have time to do all that -_-. As much as I would like to do another fanservice anime, I have to cut this one.


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