The Future of Asuka Subs


First of all this was not a decision I came to lightly. It was very difficult for me to come to this but it can’t be helped now. First of all I’m not shutting down Asuka Subs, however it is getting more and more difficult to work on fansubbing as I now have a job. As you can tell from the last few episodes, my work has interfered with my subbing schedule and keeps throwing me off. As such I have decided that at the end of this season I will be putting Asuka Subs into a Hibernating hiatus. This is not something I want to do, but something I HAVE to do out of necessity. My job is pretty stressful and takes a lot out of me, and most of my down time is used to rest. As such I have less and less time to work on subbing. Subbing is also a little stressful, but I actually enjoy it becasue I like bringing everyone quality subs. However since I do it for free and earn no money from it, it’s something I must cut from my life in order to cut down on stress, even just a little.

I will continue seeding everything we’ve made (everything I salvaged after the 2014 HD crash that is) so I can continue providing people with our subs. And if another season, OVA, or movie of a series we’ve already done comes out, we probably will do it. But those would probably be the only exceptions. Other than that there probably won’t be any more new series from us for a long while.

This is why I hate real life sometimes…



2 thoughts on “The Future of Asuka Subs

  1. KamiKoder

    Ah Manco, can you please cntact me on Telegram. I have something to discuss with you about fansubbing. PLease šŸ™‚



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