Charlotte OVA

Iori eating
A new cutie enters the field

Sorry this took a while but we had to wait for a good raw to come out and a TLer acquaintance of mine to find the time to do this. Unfortunately he can’t help us for the Spring season and it’s left us desperate for one. We want to do Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, but my normal Transcriptor isn’t doing it this season. If you are a translator and are willing to help us out, please apply to the previous blog post, thank you. Enjoy the OVA everyone!

Torrents: (MKV) (MP4)

MP4 version will be out as soon as I can straighten things out with it. The subs for some keep coming out mistimed. MP4 version now uploaded.


2 thoughts on “Charlotte OVA

    1. maddog100 Post author

      I wish I could. Sadly back in the summer of 2014, my External HD died and I lost a lot of our earlier works. Unfortunately those were some of the ones lost. I’ve been combing the internet for almost 2 years trying to find the episodes of ours again and asking for people to seed those very torrents if they still have the episodes. No one has responded.



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