Spring 2016 plans. TENTATIVE

Please note these plans are highly subject to change, and I probably will switch to another anime before the season starts.


Macross Delta… maybe

I have initially planed on doing Macross Delta as I am a HUGE Macross fan (Robotech was my first ever anime I ever watched back in 1985) however I am having a lot of second thoughts about doing it because OF SO MANY SONGS that I would have to sub and give unique looks too. I do not believe I have the experience nor knowledge to pull off something this labor and time intensive all alone.

I do however have a couple of back-ups I’m considering. Shengeki no Bahamut: Manaria Friends, and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Though they all depend on if a certain site will do the Transcripts. Wagamama High Spec is also another one I’m considering.



2 thoughts on “Spring 2016 plans. TENTATIVE

  1. Toi

    Any chance of Anne-Happy or Netoge ??. If you are not sure just give it a try to see if you want to do it or no. BTW both Macross Delta as well as Kabaneri is picked up by other groups. Any way best of luck for your spring picks


    1. maddog100 Post author

      We already pretty much dropped Delta, and not a moment too soon. Delta sucks so badly already. And Yes I know other groups have picked it up also. Usually an anime will have 2 or 3 groups working on it. As for the one’s you suggested, they’ve already got groups assigned to them as well. But I’ve always wanted to sub a steam punk type anime, but right now with no TLer, things don’t look to good right now.



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